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Smart Home Systems

ABS Security offers efficient project solutions with Fibaro smart house systems that is the most robust and user-friendly smart home system of the world.

Fibaro system is the best smart home automation system on the market. It is both aesthetical and functional with its installation that does not need renovation, wireless structure and miniature models. Thanks to its Z-Wave communication technology, it enables you to control electronic devices such as thermostat, alarm, lighting, acclimatization units, audio or video sets via touchscreens. Fibaro devices are not permanently connected to building infrastructure. So you do not have to redecorate your house, relocate your walls or rearrange interior decoration. Only required modules are installed to render your home ready so that you can immediately begin to manage via smart devices. You carry your home beside you to anywhere in the world thanks to the system that allows you to access your home via internet access.



Ensure cost-efficiency by controlling all lighting devices of your home / office with your smart phone.


Manage each room separately or through an integrated approach.


Control the acclimatization needs of your home or office based on your needs.


Manage multimedia devices in your home or office via your touchscreen.


Manage your equipment such as motorized blinds, shades, doors and garden irrigation systems.


Improve the security of your home by communicating with your family members and guests.


Secure the safety of your family and home with Fibaro


You can manage your electronic devices by linking them with each other thanks to the scenarios so that you do not have to be occupied with repetitive activities.


 Create shortcuts for easily accessing any room or scenario.