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Abs Guard Online Personel Tracking Systems

 ABS combines its experience and knowledge within the security industry with its engineering department and is proud to offer a developed hand terminal for you as esteemed customers. 

Our company which implements the firsts in the industry stands a few steps ahead compared to our competitors. 

Abs guard system hand terminal is a multifaceted device, software and reporting algorithm of which is structured by Turkish and Italian engineers employed by Abs as a result of a long-term process and in order to offer a more efficient private security service. 

ABS GUARD System shall ensure that hand terminals given to the personnel will be used to carry out monitoring by Alarm Notification center within our General Management office and authorized by the Ministry of Interior Affairs over GPRS and 24 hours a day.

Abs Guard represents the final version of portable hand computers. Abs Guard is a multipurpose hand terminal designed to respond to security requirements along with one tour of control system and it can be fully structured. This entails a direct solution for a general problem concerning time and information speed encountered by many fields of activity such as security and safety. Abs Guard may be combined to obtain the best and required application mappings. It is provided together with several independent hardware modules.

     The fields covered by Abs Guard modules are as the following: data collection, communication (audio and data), geographic tracking, interaction between the security center and the operators assigned to the field.

 Examples from Abs Guard applications:
As a multipurpose device, it is revealed that Abs Guards GPS tracking and Operator safety and smart data journal can be tracked concurrently and are required for several applications when real time monitoring is necessary.
With some of the applications ; 

- Guard Tour System (real-time and/or off-line data tracking)
   - Time and information system:

Mobile for Operators (cleaning companies, home care, remote management, ...)
   - Maintenance Services Inspection
(elevators, fire extinguishers, boilers, ...)
   - GPS tracking
   - personnel danger alarm (personnel falling down and man in down, panic button to obtain support when facing an emergency security situation.)

Data transmission over GPRS

Almost all of the hand terminals providing data transmission over GPRS have had to be resent to the head office in order to download the data for the past 20 years. This posed a problem for the company and customers. 

Nowadays, several customers obtain real-time tracking of the data transferred with care at their desk.

Moreover, you may carry out the management and inspection of the units that have a wide structure such as a city or industry, civil systems from your room through a GPRS service network. Thus, GPRS network provides Service Companies with the means to carry out surveillance, inspection and the concentration of collected data based on their simplicity and efficiency.

Primary advantages of real-time GPRS

While transmitting data with GPRS, delays do not occur in the online system. Furthermore, without GPRS compatible control, data may be received and processed from all of the readers at the same time. All of these properties meet the real-time requirement of sampling and data transmission.

With this structure ;

-   Keeping real-time online personnel tracking reports online

-   Referring emergency situation requirements immediately and professionally to police, gendarmerie and similar institutions for support

-   As per the labor law numbered 6331, referring personnel to emergency ambulance for health problems

-   Receiving all of the detailed reports from our online communication page at www.abs-guard.com and online simultaneous personnel tracking  and similar efficient combined procedures are being carried out based on multitasking mentality and this service is being offered to our esteemed customers by abs group.